Todd, the pizza planet truck
Todd marcus number # 123

Todd is a character in Cars and Cars 2.


Todd marcus (todd for short) is a character in Cars. he was a racer. chick hicks made the cars crash while todd (sponsored by no stall) was in a crash at dinoco 400.

Cars 2Edit

Todd makes his first cameo in Cars 2 when Guido is serving some drinks at the restaurant. He appears on the LCD television, as a guest on a show named the “Tire Talk”, just before Mel Dorado's show comes on. Later in the film, he can be seen in the crowd attending to the Radiator Springs grand prix.



  • He is the only car far known with a frontal wiper on the windshield, although his wiper disappears in Cars 2.
  • He among Fred are the only cars far known that have the inside mouth shared with their mudguard without any kind of division like the other cars. The reason of this and his wiper is maybe because he`s just a modified version of the original Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story.
  • Todd is actually an easter egg of Pixar`s movie Toy Story, wich has appeared in every single Pixar movie except The Incredibles.
  • Todd is a 1979 Toyota Hilux.
  • In Toy Story 2, on the back on the van, is seen the letterso YO, which remains from TOYOTA.