driftin mater is an episode of cars toons . it will be the next episode after to protect and serve and will be followed by Mater the tuner.


Mater tells McQueen he needs help. McQueen agrees to help Mater. sheriff puts McQueen's engine into a weird one of a kind car. sheriff chases McQueen to test McQueen how fast he is. back at Willy's butte McQueen escapes but once falls upside down. Mater appears in McQueen's body. Mater wants to be a racer. Mack takes Mater. later Mack drives Mater but suddenly the tuner cars come. Mack was the first one to go the racing. but the fans expect McQueen. Mack opens the trailer with Mater gone. Mack sees himself Mater is gone. claude Scruggs explains how McQueen was good Mack takes claude Scruggs to a stop. Mack and claude Scruggs talk to other trucks at the stop. they were also fans of McQueen. back in radiator springs Mack finds McQueen. seeing claude Scruggs McQueen gets in the trailer. Mack takes McQueen to the race. Mater is lost. he sees dead cars and runs away.later Mater meets the tuner cars in Tokyo. the tuner cars tell him about the drift race who ever will win will be the drift king. Mater wants to race. but boost tells him he has to modify and work to do it. but Mater really wants to race. the tuner cars let him race. so Mater races against boost wingo kabuto and shu todoroki. they race while the cars have a good performance mater still tries his best to drift. while boost tells everyone to get to there pit crew. but Mater doesn't have a pit crew. later wingo at his pit crew talks to his crew. his crew chief says that Mater is still racing (Mater drove by himself because he didn't have a pit crew). Mater's tire blows! he tries to win. the tuner cars catch up then Mater loses another tire! Mater catches up. but the race ends in a 5 way-tie. Mater wakes up. he sees the tuner cars. the tuner cars tell Mater he can join. but Mater tells he wants to go home. boost tells him there is a surprise for him. Mater looks at his back and sees neon wheels. back in radiator springs sally asks McQueen where is Mater. McQueen finds Mater in his original body and Mater tells how he got back home: he and the tuner cars find a UFO. the UFO takes them. the UFO brings Mater back home.


  • E.J. Holowicki: DJ